We are here to make a differance

Do eggs really harm the environment?

Fabumin is more than just a food innovation; it's a holistic solution that touches every aspect of society.
For food consumers, we offer a plant-based, allergen-free alternative to egg powder.
Legume processing factories can turn their waste into money by supplying Aquafaba, the key ingredient in Fabumin.
Regarding our enviromant, by reducing the use of eggs, and switching to the use of Fabumin, we can save a huge amount of natural resources such as land, water and clean air.
And let's not forget the animals; our plant-based solution spares countless hens and chicks.

Choose Fabumin, and be part of a change that benefits us all.

A single Fabumin plant can significantly benefit the environment.
Imagine the impact that dozens of these facilities could have